What does #GIRLPOWER mean to you?

So I know we’ve heard the term over and over and over ‘girlpower’, but have you really taken a minute to think about what it means to truly have power? According to the urban ‘girl power’ is  A pop culture motto used to stitch feminism into young girls/teenagers. Supposed to promote sexual equality, even though it suggests that females have superior rights to males.

When I think of the term ‘Girl Power’ I think of A girl boss emits confidence, goes after what she wants, and gets it. It’s not that a girl boss is inherently perfect it’s that she pushes negativity to the side. She is stronger than her weaknesses and better than her faults.


What does #Girlpower mean to you?

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  • I agree with you meshy!

    • Kim
  • Girl Power means a strong and independent female who knows who she is and what she stands for. She is that girl in charge of her life and what she wants to achieve.
    She understand how to be a woman and a lover. She knows the difference and knows how to use her power for good. Girl power is empowering and its everlasting once a female is fully knowledgeable of what she holds

    • Meshy